An 𝕏 Exclusive Series, by Alex Leeberg

18 Hours For Elon

Live Elon Musk’s Life for 18 Hours.
Earth’s 1st POV Documentary.



1. WHAT?


Let’s suppose that you were able to live one day as Elon Musk. You would wake up in his bed and live his electrifying 18 hour day. You would experience what Elon does in every one of those 64,800 seconds.

And after being Elon Musk for a day, you would wake up… where you are now. Would you go on with your life as usual? Or would you architect your next 18 hours more carefully?

WHAT? | Synopsis

Experience and Learn Elon’s Daily Test of the Impossible

Earth’s premier POV Documentary captured entirely from the first-person view of the technoking himself. This unscripted experience takes you on a thrilling 18-hour journey as Elon manages his companies and navigates through his daily life. After walking in Elon’s shoes, what’s your next step?

Full 18 Hours, Shot In 1 Day. Unscripted.


  • 1-5


    Morning: Giga Texas, Cybertruck and X from Elon’s POV

    06:00 AM  You wake up, 2 monitors on robotic arms move towards you for the morning update. Then posting on 𝕏 in the bathroom and shower to jazz
    06:30 AM  On-the-go breakfast and calls during your drive from home to Giga Texas
    07:00 AM  You walk the Cybertruck production line with Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen
    08:00 AM  In your office: video meetings with X teams (X Blue, Community Notes)
    09:00 AM  4 efficient in person Tesla-related meetings with four different engineering teams
    10:00 AM  You drive through Giga Texas, talking to production teams, then a call with Neuralink

  • 6-10


    Lunch on the Jet to Starbase, Starship Mission

    11:00 AM  You drive from Giga Texas to Airport, processing emails
    11:15 AM  You fly in your private jet from Austin to Brownsville, with a quick lunch and conference calls
    12:00 PM  You call a family member, while driving from Airport to Starbase
    12:25 PM  You arrive at SpaceX Starbase, interviews with journalists and rocket enthusiasts
    01:00 PM  You dive into seemingly unsolvable engineering problems
    01:45 PM  You revise plans for the first crewed Starship flight, talking to the team
    02:00 PM  3 crucial in person meetings in your Starbase office
    03:00 PM  Driving from Starbase to Airport, emails and 𝕏 time
    03:25 PM  Boarding the jet, call with finance

  • 11-14


    Afternoon: The Future of Humanity

    04:00 PM  Flight back to Austin, Texas, hosting an X Space for subscribers only
    04:50 PM  Disembarking at Austin Airport, on the phone, dealing with problems
    05:00 PM  You eat a sandwich while on a video call with a production lead at Giga Berlin
    05:30 PM  Sending emails, then replying to posts on 𝕏 and memes
    06:00 PM  You show “Not a Flamethrower” to Walter Isaacson, while answering his questions
    06:30 PM  You explain your view on the future of humanity to Walter Isaacson
    06:40 PM  Time to turn on some music and send urgent emails

  • 15-18


    Night Time for the Real Life Iron Man

    07:00 PM  Cybertruck drive to eat out and meet with family
    07:50 PM  Drive to AI Panel event, in green room: argue with Sergey Brin about the safety of AI for humans
    08:10 PM  AI Panel discussion on stage form Elon’s view
    08:40 PM  Selfies with fans, drive home, call with SpaceX engineers
    09:00 PM  Call with X executives about measures to ensure freedom of speech in various countries
    09:20 PM  Going for an evening walk with partner
    10:00 PM  4 meetings with teams: Solar Roof, Tesla Semi, Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin to install a “Rave cave”
    11:00 PM  Testing a new version of Tesla Bot or flying a jetpack
    11:30 PM  Listening to music, writing emails, checking 𝕏, off to bed

WHAT? | Earth’s 1st POV Documentary

✔️ No blocking of Elon’s schedule
✔️ The busier his day, the better
✔️ Shooting completed in 1 day

Time Invest for Elon: 0

Best of Cuts

“Best of” scenes for Elon’s X feed
+ supporter channels
Sensitive content edited out
Optional: X Live BTS, Subscriber-only cuts

The Full 18 Hours Experience

18 Episodes, 60 minutes each
Streamer: X Exclusive
Cut for an immersive POV Experience
Sensitive content replaced by contextual B-Roll
Optional: VR Edition, Sequels

The Movie

90 minute Cut of Elon’s Day
Streamer: X (others x months later)
Cut for a cinematic POV Experience
Sensitive content edited out

2. HOW? | Custom Gear

Not a GoPro Vlog. But Human Eye Replication.

Eschewing wide angle GoPros, we’ve employed a custom camera system designed to replicate the human eye’s perception, offering a true-to-life experience. The gear is crafted to immerse viewers in Elon’s world without distortion or rapid movements.

Our ultra-light, low-key body cam system ensures unobtrusive filming, while capturing stabilised footage up to 6K resolution. Remotely guided under the watchful eye of our DP.

An additional cameraman captures Elon’s head and shoulders from behind, offering an alternate first-person perspective. This unique blend of perspectives helps prevent motion sickness for the viewer.

HOW? | Skillsets for Crew

TO DO: 🚩 Earth’s 1st POV Documentary 🚩 The longest 1 Take Shot ever made 🚩 The fastest production for a Netflix series 🚩 Positively impact humanity’s time allocation ✔️ Assemble Ninja crew to complete all ToDos

4 Crew Skillset Requirements:


1. Sensitivity and Insider Knowledge of Elon Musk

The crew needs an insider for pre-production to minimize sensitive content and maximize cinematography and Elon’s state.

Are you a friend or family member of the business magnet? We’d love to talk! Please contact us.

  • Thank you to our kind supporters!


2. Earth’s Best Track Record in Immersive Filmmaking

The crew must have a proven track record at capturing immersive footage that exceeds the requirments of streamers and cinema.

Benoit makes the most challenging shots for the world’s biggest events and movie productions.

With 35 years of expertise in specialty camera equipment, Benoit Dentan is the #1 trusted name in aerial, robotic and special shooting operations. Dentan’s vast portfolio includes over 2,000 successful shoots in various fields, from Olympic games and Champions League to feature films like Jason Bourne, Hannibal, Jurassic World and Edge of Tomorrow – to name a few. Operating cutting-edge equipment like GSS, Shotover, Cineflex, Tethered Drones, Cablecam and Robots.


3. Smallest Crew to Capture Longest 1 Take Shot

The tiny and adaptable crew needs to operate multiple cameras without missing a beat for 18 hours. To capture a cinematic 1 take shot.

Director & DoP Genius. In one person.

Laszlo Kadar is that perfect hybrid – a Director and also a DoP. His work shows off his exquisite cinematic sensitivity both with terrific imagery and storytelling ambition. Laszlo is best known for his beautifully shot car commercials on all the top marques including Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche, VW and Bridgestone. But he’s that extremely rare breed of DoP who also has a light and human touch in directing talent from professional actors to real people and stars.

  • + Team


4. Earth’s Best Track Record in Documentary Editing

The crew needs world class documentary editing to create a cinematic experience and solve sensitive content scenes.

Sven Cut Documentaries for James Cameron & Elon Musk.

Sven Pape is an ACE Award-nominated editor who cut 3.5 years for James Cameron (3D-Imax ‘Ghosts Of The Abyss’ Disney), Elon Musk (Dumbstruck), Mark Webber (Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominee, ‘The End of Love’), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Emmy-Winning ‘HitRECord on TV’). Films he cut premiered at Sundance, SXSW, Cannes, and played theatrically across the nation. Sven’s YouTube Channel ‘This Guy Edits’ has over 450K subscribers and focuses on creative storytelling and editing.

  • Alex Leeberg
  • + Team

Real-Time POV Documentaries will Survive AI Film Disruption

As filmmakers, we’re driven to challenge the impending AI-dominated movie landscape. We think authentic human POV experiences will thrive alongside AI Cinema.

WHY? | Our Duty

Living A Day as Leonardo Da Vinci: How would it change you?

We believe in learning by experiences. Imagine walking a day in the shoes of Leonardo da Vinci, Steve Jobs, or Albert Einstein. How would that impact your life? For us, just thinking about it isn’t enough.

It’s our dream to capture an entire day in Elon’s life from his perspective for future generations. Now is the time to start with one day. We believe Elon’s POV documentary could empower millions to take meaningful action in their own lives.

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